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Golden Nuggets: Cal overcomes "stagnant" start in victory over Washington State

The Bears talk to the press about their slow start and big win over the Cougs.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Cal left Saturday with a win over Washington State that looks pretty on the scoreboard, but only came after the Bears allowed the Cougars to stay tight for the first half. At the post-game press conference, the Bears addressed the slow start.

"We didn't come out with the same energy ... today we were a little stagnant," [Justin] Cobbs said.

But thanks to some great zone defense, the Bears exploded at the start of the second half, turning the game into a one-sided affair.

"Defense gets us easy baskets," guard Tyrone Wallace said. "That's when everybody starts getting happy."

The game resulted in a few statistical updates for those of you keeping track. Unfortunately, Richard Solomon was one rebound short of posting his seventh double-double this season. In good news, the win pushed Coach Mike Montgomery into third place for two lists: Pac-12 coaches with the most wins and Cal coaches with the most wins.

And I particularly like the following quote. For no particular reason.

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