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Per Rivals Report: Former Cal Running Back Jahvid Best To Join Cal Coaching Staff

Welcome, Jahvid!

Leon Halip

This is exciting news! Grant Marek over at Rivals is reporting that former superstar RB Jahvid Best is going to be joining the Cal coaching staff: has learned that former Cal and Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best will be added to Cal's 2014 coaching staff.

Two sources confirmed the addition on Saturday morning.

Welcome, Jahvid! It is unclear based on Mr. Marek's report what Mr. Best's specific coaching role will be. Per Cal recruit Vic Enwere, Jahvid is an asst RB coach:

We look forward to seeing what he can do as a coach. It is unfortunate that Jahvid's career was cut short by all of those concussions. In the long run, hanging it up may be the best decision for him given all the information we are learning these days about concussions.

What do you think about this news? GO BEARS!