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Golden Nuggets: The Bears discuss their destruction of UW

Cal finds tactful ways to say "we kicked their bottoms."

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden Bears took a few minutes after their big win over Washington to talk to the media about their performance.

David Kravish, whose four blocked shots pushed him to second place on Cal's all-time list, thinks the Bears' relentless play gives them an edge.

"It's hard for other teams to deal with when no matter what they do, good or bad, we just keep coming at them. That's what we did the whole game."

All the Bears seem on the same page that playing good defense is the fastest way to win.

"Justin [Cobbs] just took away [C.J.] Wilcox, made him look uncomfortable the whole game," Kravish said.

"Defense is going to win games for us," [Richard] Solomon said, "and we know that."

[Coach Mike] Montgomery noted there have been times when this team doesn't play as hard defensively when it's not shooting well. That wasn't the case here.

"Tonight we made our minds up," he said. "Hopefully, we're getting the notion if we defend well it's going to make a difference."

Fortunately, the Bears won't be letting this hot streak get to their heads, as they'll continue to work hard to win every game.

"We're not overlooking anybody," Solomon said. "We're going to come out with the same intensity. Anybody can beat anybody in this league. We understand that."

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