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Tosh Lupoi is out of work, leaves Washington with $300k in a coffee cup

The Washington Huskies have let him go.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn't even been two years since he left, and Tosh Lupoi's coaching career could very well be in jeopardy Adam Jude of the Seattle Times reports that the Washington Huskies have parted ways with their former ace recruiter and defensive line coach/run defense coordinator.

Don't worry though, Tosh will be leaving with quite a hefty dose of cash in his pockets.

So what's next for Tosh? I find it hard to believe that Lupoi will be unemployed for too long. Some school will always take a chance and try and hire an ace recruiter, and it's not as if college football is filled with noble Renaissance men. Expect many schools in the SEC or the Big 12 to take a look see at him in the next few weeks.

And before the more desperate among you bring it up, Tosh is not coming back to Cal as a coach. That bridge is burned and broken. He's welcome to sit in the stands though.

How do you feel about this situation?