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Joe Kapp equalled by Peyton Manning with seven passing touchdowns in one game

A toast to Joe!

Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL season started today with Peyton Manning pretty much whipping the Super Bowl champions up and down the field. He threw seven touchdown passes against the Baltimore Ravens defensive front and was virtually unstoppable in a virtuoso second half display of offensive efficiency.

Who holds the record? The Cal great Joe Kapp, who threw for seven touchdowns nearly a half-decade-century ago. Let's go into the NFL archives and watch Kapp in action on that historic day in Bloomington, Minnesota on September 28, 1969, where he completed 36 passes for 538 yards.

Interestingly, Kapp's game ALSO came against a defending champion, the 1969 Baltimore Ravens Colts(they won the NFL (as the NFC was then known), not the Super Bowl). Kapp led the Vikings to their first Super Bowl appearance that season, where they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Peyton, the erstwhile student of the game, mentioned Kapp in his postgame presser.

Wouldn't be a bad time to raise a toast of tequila in Joe's honor tonight.