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Episode three of The Drive: Which QB is master of the Bucket Drill?

See how the Bears spend their off-time--by throwing the first pitch for the A's and by relaxing with the Rookie Talent Show.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

What's the best thing you can do at 7 p.m. PT on a Wednesday night? Watch The Drive on the Pac-12 Networks!

After last week's episode covered both the Portland State and the Ohio State games, we see how the Bears have spent their bye week. Did they use the word "tempo" nonstop and go to Cream for lots of treats?

At practice, we see some candid moments of Sonny Dykes trying to motivate his young team. The quarterbacks try their hand at the bucket drill--testing who can throw the ball into a garbage can down the field. There seems to be a definitive winner among our quarterbacks--can you guess who? And do you think Coach Tony Franklin can hit the bucket?

But The Drive isn't just a recap of the gridiron action. We see Dykes use the bye week to throw out the first pitch for the A's. As for the players, we watch them wrap their heads around physics lecture at Pimentel and at the Rookie Talent Show, which player do you think gets the most laughs?

Discuss some of the most glorious moments in today's episode!