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Golden Nuggets: Playing at Autzen "will be fun" and one Cal squad is ranked first

The Bears are ready to face off against the second-best team in the nation in front of their loud, rabid fans.

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We all know about Cal's infamously hard schedule and the Bears are gearing up for their first road game, against the second-ranked Ducks in the madhouse that is Autzen. The team addressed some of these issues at today's press conference:

Running back/Bone Lucas Gingold said the following about our Bear Raid field leader making his first college road start in such a hostile environment:

When it was Goff's turn, he seemed as calm as he usually is:

For more from the Bears, including addressing the need to stop our slow starts and the importance of putting up points against the Ducks doom-machine, check out @CalFootball.

Check out what's going on with the other Cal teams in the links below (including one squad being named the no. 1 team in the nation) and enjoy a time-lapse video of gorgeous Berkeley.

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