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CGB Roundtable: Offensive Gameplan Going Forward

We've seen what a pass-heavy offense can do, now let's just talk about that some more.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

1. If you were Sonny Dykes, based on what you've seen the first three weeks, what would be your gameplan for the rest of the season to win football games? Would you continue to rely heavily on Goff or try and balance it out with the run?

Berkelium97: This is a tough decision for the coaches. Goff is obviously the leader of the offense, but he needs a competent running game to force defenses to account for the running game. The run blocking has struggled so far, which has limited Bigelow and, to a lesser extent, Muhammad. Until the O-line improves, the coaches will have to do some experimentation to see what works. Lasco has shown an ability to keep his legs churning and generate yards after contact, so I'd give him a bigger role in the running game to see if he can be productive. Of course, Bigelow and Muhammad would continue to get carries to add some versatility. But I'm not sure if they're every-down backs behind this offensive line.

I wonder if they would consider using Gingold at RB once or twice per game. Even if he's not that productive, I just want to see him leveling more players on the opposing defense.

If none of this works, however, the coaches will have no choice but to have Goff continue to throw 55 times per game.

Sam Fielder: I think you have got to keep trying to establish the run. Bigelow, Lasco, and Muhammad are all good backs that should be able to get decent yards. The OLine needs to tighten things up and I think they need to try some toss sweeps to the outside or something to get Bigelow into space where he can use his speed. To continue to rely on Goff and throw it 55-60 times a game means that teams can just drop into coverage and key in on the passing game, which means more time on the field for the beleaguered defense (more quick 3 and outs) and more possibilities for fluky INTs (which have killed us thus far).

atomsareenough: Well, I think we need to see our run game improve. Maybe I'd try to simplify the running plays a little based on which blocking schemes our lineman can successfully execute, or see if we can find ways to let Muhammad and Bigelow get to the edge, or maybe emphasize Lasco a bit more, since he seems to be able to more consistently pick up tough yards without getting big running lanes. Maybe use more diamond formation with the bigger personnel and let Gingold and Tyndall hit some people. Whatever it takes to find a way to run the ball effectively. I wouldn't back off too much on using Goff's arm though, as it's been one of the best parts of our offense this season. If we can run effectively and not fall behind too quickly, then Goff will face a little less pressure and he'll be even more successful.

The obvious glaring things that need to improve if we want to win football games of course are the slow starts and especially the poor defense. We seem to be making adjustments okay, but we're just not prepared from the first snap. I wish I knew the answer to that problem. Maybe it's a little more physical or intense warmup, or finding something different add to the pregame program to get our guys loose before the game, because they're starting out very tight and tentative, and it's leading them to make mistakes. We also need to figure out who our best 11 athletes are, make sure they're prepared, and put them on the field as much as possible.

TwistNHook: Who wouldn't want offensive balance?