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Cal Women's Basketball In China: Video Recap

Another amazing video produced by Cal Women's Basketball.

via @calcoachG twitter, the Bears in Shanghai!
via @calcoachG twitter, the Bears in Shanghai!

Over the last two years, the Bears have been blessed with the services of videographer Erik Williams, and with the help of Mikayla Lyles and Justine Hartman, they have produced another very cool video covering Cal's experiences on their pre-season tour of China. Check it out:


-Hind Ben Abdelkadder appears to be the best negotiator on the team.
-The montage of sailing down a canal in Zhou Zhuang while the guide sings was particularly well done.
-I love that there is a Berkeley club in Hong Kong, though I can't say it's at all surprising.
-So many cute scenes with friendly Chinese children!
-The montage of Tiananmen Square protests from 1989 was a good choice - seeing historical sites without historical context seriously detracts from the experience.
-Man, I wish I could've been on the trip!

All in all, a very cool video. Can Coach G go ahead and petition the NCAA to get an extra year of eligibility for Mr. Williams?