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Golden Nuggets 9.22.13 - Chronicle: Costs For Making Coaching Change Could Be Over $16 million

Let's look at the Chronicle's article about the Cal coaching change costs and other articles in today's Golden Nuggets recap

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The Chronicle has an article on the costs of coaching changes, in which they bundled all the numbers together to make it an eye-popping number--$16.3 million. But that would be over 7 years; over such a period of time, anything could change when it comes to finances. As Twist noted in his article on the Tedford buyout, the amount paid to him can be decreased over time. Dykes' buyout (if necessary) is very much in Cal's favor.

However, the Chronicle article doesn't note that. They basically just added up Tedford's remaining contract and Dykes' remaining contract and pushed "post." The reality is that any school that makes a coaching change is going to go up against these types of numbers. This is the new normal. It is not necessarily something specific to Cal.

Here is their analysis on costs:

First up, there was the $6 million left on Tedford's contract - including a $1.8 million installment due in April 2014 and a $1.95 million check the following year.

Then there is incoming coach Dykes' seven-year contract worth $9.7 million - which includes an annual base pay of $250,000, plus a yearly "talent fee" for TV and public appearances that will grow from $1.55 million this year to $1.85 million by 2017.

The $9.7 million total doesn't include:

-- A $594,000 one-time signing bonus (which, not coincidentally, is how much money Dykes owed Louisiana Tech for breaking his contract to come to Cal).

-- A $25,000 bonus if he wins seven regular-season games.

-- A $60,000 bonus if he takes Cal to the Rose Bowl.

-- And up to $23,000 in bonuses if players perform well academically.

They do note that very little (or none) of it will come from tax-payer money, so the article isn't exactly one sided. It just doesn't have all of the nuance that one might hope for and makes it seem like Cal is doing something special or different, when it really is not.

What are your thoughts on this?

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