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Golden Nuggets: Is anyone predicting an upset by the Bears?

Are any of the experts picking Cal over Ohio State?

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Our best friends over at ESPN aren't predicting good things for Oski and company, which is in fact predicting a good thing?

Gemmell: The Buckeyes showed some depth against San Diego State last week when Braxton Miller went down. That doesn't bode well for a Cal defense that is rife with injuries right now. The Bears can put up points. No one is disputing that. Stopping people is the bigger priority right now. ... Ohio State 38, Cal 27.

Miller: The Buckeyes are going to pile up rushing yards, whether Miller plays or not. So can the Bears pile up passing yards to match them, score for score? Maybe for a little while, but not for four quarters. ... Ohio State 40, California 21.

Similarly, Yahoo's two experts and their users and CBS Sports all forsee victory for the Buckeyes.

Cal fans, who do you think is gonna win on Saturday and what will be the final score?


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