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US News & World Report ranks Cal the #1 public university! [Again!]

In which we bring you some rare non-sports related coverage.

Stephen Lam

For the 16th straight year, Cal stands atop U.S News & World Report's college rankings for public schools, and comes in at No. 20 overall. Sure, the SEC may have won seven straight BCS championships, but that number pales in comparison to the dominance Cal has exhibited over all other public universities. Sorry, Michigan! Apologies, UCLA! University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, thanks for playing.

Of course, there is plenty of reason to take issue with U.S. News' yearly college rankings, which skew heavily in favor of private schools and give weight to things like student-to-faculty ratio, which Cal will never lead in. Still, there is plenty of reason to be proud of this accomplishment, as it does - once again - reaffirm UC Berkeley's place among the country's top universities.

For fun, here's where we stand among our Pac-12 brethren:


Berkeley 20


Washington 52

Colorado 86

Oregon 109

Arizona 119

Utah 121

WSU 128

Oregon State & Arizona State 142