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Urban Meyer 'fairly optimistic' Braxton Miller will play

After straining his MCL on Saturday, Miller has been brought along fairly slowly, and will make the trip out to Berkeley this weekend.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Urban Meyer spoke to the media today about the upcoming game against Cal, giving a variety of updates and thoughts. The most important one to Cal fans, of course, is the health of Buckeye starting quarterback Braxton Miller, who looks - at this point - like he will be the one under center Saturday afternoon. Given the team's struggles against him last year, it certainly doesn't make pulling the upset any easier.

Other tidbits from Coach Meyer's conference call indicate that Brendan Bigelow will not be the surprise he was last year. After a performance like last year's, how could he still be under the radar?

Oh, and then there's this...

Cal is a 21 point underdog at last check, and if they are to beat Ohio State this weekend, that last tidbit will probably be a large factor in why.