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CGB Pac-12 Week 2 Power Rankings

Embarrassing home loss? Check. Calls to fire the coach during week 2 of the season? Check. Losing to a team that failed to score an offensive touchdown? Check. USC had all the elements last week for a precipitous power rankings tumble, and only Oregon State's recent FCS upset debacle kept the Trojans from falling all the way to the cellar.

You guys didn't see that game last weekend, did you?  I hope not...
You guys didn't see that game last weekend, did you? I hope not...
Stephen Dunn

Berkelium97: We're at the point in the season where we have evidence to prove/disprove some preseason preconceptions, but we don't have a large enough sample to make strong comparisons among the teams. This week's rankings will be difficult. I have four tiers of teams, but the rankings within tiers don't really matter. We have the top tier: Oregon and Stanford; the solid but not elite teams: UCLA, ASU, UW; the decent-looking teams without wins over solid competition: Utah, Arizona; and the teams with serious issues: OSU, USC, Cal, Colorado, Wazzu.

Sam Fielder: I like Berkelium97's tier rankings a lot, as after the top 2 teams, things get really murky. Also just a note on this...I don't take my rankings from last week into account at all. I have no idea if that is a good idea, since I am accounting for the season as a whole, but just putting that out there.

1. Oregon (holding steady)

norcalnick: Has there ever been a team that more reliably destroys over-matched teams than Oregon since Chip took over? Much begrudging respect to Oregon for NEVER playing down to their opponent.

Sam Fielder: It is clear they are still dominant. Or at least they are against inferior teams. Ready to see them play someone tough to see how good they really are. (Note: Tennessee next week is NOT a tough team)

2. Stanford (holding steady)

atomsareenough: Solid and convincing win over San Jose State, but not the type of butt-kicking that a top 5 team should be delivering at home to a non-Boise Mountain West team.

Berkelium97: They dominated the San Jose State game in every facet but the scoreboard.

Sam Fielder: Reclaim the #2 spot (for me) with a solid win. Typical furd these days, nothing flashy or amazing, just line it up and wear you down.

norcalnick: I look forward to 7 or 8 identical wins from Stanford, wherein I think 'maaaaaybe that other team has a chance to keep it close and steal one,' except there really isn't much of a chance.

3. UCLA (up one spot)

Sam Fielder: Idle, but we'll see what kind of a team they are next week against Nebraska.

norcalnick: Why are UCLA and UW both off this week? Who needs a bye in week two?

4. Arizona State (up one spot)

Sam Fielder: Hammered an inferior team, which is what you're supposed to do.

atomsareenough: Good teams do things like beat Sacramento State 55-0.

Berkelium97: We'll get a better sense of this team next week when they take on Wisconsin.

5. Washington (down two spots)

Sam Fielder: Idle, so no more data to follow up on their Boise State win. Drop here for now.

ragnarok: Just a note that UCLA, Arizona State and Washington were all within two points of each other this week, which is why UW dropped two spots, including below idle UCLA, despite neither of those teams playing a game this past week. Any ordering of the three teams is probably valid.

6. Arizona (up one spot)

atomsareenough: 58 points on the road is pretty impressive, even if it's at UNLV. Arizona looks better than I thought it would in year 2 under Rich Rod. Still have no idea if the defense is legitimately better, though, and we won't know for a few more weeks.

Berkelium97: The passing game has struggled against some low level competition. The Wildcats need more than 50% completions and 4.94 ypa from B.J. Denker.

Sam Fielder: Outclassed an overmatched UNLV team, so not much to learn here.

7. Utah (up one spot)

atomsareenough: Weber State is a nonentity, but Utah steamrolled them as they should have. For what it's worth, they're in the same conference as Portland State, though they're probably worse.

norcalnick: OK, 70 points against ANYBODY is eye popping after how Utah's offense looked last week. Might the Utes be friskier this year than anybody imagined?

Berkelium97: They haven't looked bad. That's all it takes to stay out of the Pac-12's bottom 5.

8. Washington State (up three spots)

norcalnick: I'm not sure what to think here. Is Wazzu's defense legit, or did they simply take advantage of the worst QB duo in USC history? It's worth remembering that Mike Leach has still not created an offense even close to above average in Pullman.

Berkelium97: Despite the win, this team doesn't look much better than the Cougs of yesteryear. Halliday is not good enough to make Mike Leach's offense fly.

atomsareenough: Muahahahaha I love that they beat the Trojans. YARRRRR!

9. Colorado (up one spot)

atomsareenough: Colorado is 2-0!!! Enjoy it, Buffs.

Berkelium97: The stats look good, but the Buffs again struggled to put away a bad, bad team. Central Arkansas had a 7-point lead early in the 4th quarter.

norcalnick: I'm not going to overreact to the Buffs beating Colorado St. and Central Arkansas by iffy margins. It's great for the conference that they have achieved a basic level of competence, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

10. California (down one spot)

atomsareenough: The Bears struggled much, much more than they should have against Portland State. Love the yardage, but give me some more touchdowns please. First half defense would be nice, too.

Berkelium97: Jared Goff is the real deal but that defense is abysmal. Injuries are no excuse for giving up 400+ first-half yards to a 3-win FCS team.

Sam Fielder: Managed to beat an FCS school, but looked TERRIBLE doing it.

norcalnick: Similarly, best not to overreact to playing right with Northwestern, and best not to overreact to playing down to Portland St.

ragnarok: Similar to UCLA/ASU/UW above, Cal and Colorado were very close. Both looked pretty bad in struggling with FCS teams at home, yet both came away with a win. The Buffs leapfrogging the Bears this week is probably mostly about the shiny 2-0 record, rather than how either team looked on the field.

11. USC (down five spots)

atomsareenough: LOL, Coug'd!

Berkelium97: They have scored 3 total offensive touchdowns against a pair of teams that combined to allow 112 TDs last season. Words cannot describe how bad the Trojan offense is. At this rate, bowl eligibility will be a tremendous accomplishment.

Sam Fielder: At least they lost to an FBS school. Good heavens though, Kiffin is terrible.

12. Oregon State (holding steady)

atomsareenough: They beat an awful Hawai'i team by slightly more than USC did... only it was in Corvallis, so that evens it out. Also, they still lost to an FCS team, whereas USC lost to a Pac-12 team. And it was Wazzu! hahahaha

Berkelium97: They let Hawai'i hang around for a half, but the defense may not be as bad as advertised.

Sam Fielder: Unimpressive vs. a really weak Hawai'i team so they stay in the cellar this week.

norcalnick: Congrats for beating Hawai'i in a similar fashion to USC. The Rainbow Warriors will likely compete for worst team in FBS football all year.