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Golden Nuggets: Daniel Lasco working on becoming another great Cal RB

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Daniel Lasco's got a list of goals to accomplish in preparation of the 2013 season that will help him live up to the expectations of the brotherhood of great Cal running backs

Daniel Lasco's been checking off goals on his march to being the yet another stellar Cal running back.

[Running back Brendan] Bigelow said there's no doubt that Lasco wants to make a name from himself at Cal. He said he can see it in his eyes.

"He really wants this," Bigelow said. "Anybody who hasn't played that much is going to be a little nervous, but he's getting more comfortable, getting more reps and getting a better feel for the game. There's no stopping him. This is a similar offense like what he ran in high school. We've both been in the spread offense. It's not like this is brand new to us."

Lasco also discusses a mistake he made in the best game of his (young) career--the game against Southern Utah--as he should have scored much faster

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