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Golden Nuggets: Bears fans can expect glory and grief in 2013

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You take the good, you take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life.

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Jeff Faraudo takes a look at the five things that will make the Golden Bear faithful feel both excited and nervous in the 2013 season.


Excited because . . . The Bears' uptempo, spread option attack - even while evolving in its early development - promises to be entertaining. Everyone who complained about how conservative the Bears seem to have become in recent seasons should celebrate this departure. Especially when Dykes and offensive coordinator Tony Franklin go for it for the first time on fourth down from midfield. And they will.

Worried because . . . We don't have a clue about how well the new offense might work immediately out of the chute? Does Cal have the necessary personnel to make it go? Can the Bears block well enough, especially in the running game? Will the young receivers deliver? Can tight end Richard Rodgers, having dropped 25 pounds, find a new home as the "Y" slot receiver? There are a lot of moving parts and they will need to move in unison and at a fast tempo.

Let's revisit the topic of fourth-down conversions in today's poll, but was anyone expecting 2013 to be anything but a mix of things being perfectly fine and doom?

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