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It's College Football Time! Saturday Morning Open Thread

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The first Saturday of the college football season is here, at long last.

Ronald Martinez

The day we have been waiting for is here: the first Saturday of the college football season. Sure, we whet our college football appetite with games on Thursday and Friday, but this is really the day we've been anticipating. ESPN College GameDay is back (if you're into that sort of thing) and college football is on the television (and the internets) all day long. ALL DAY LONG!

We have the whole day to wait until our beloved California Golden Bears take the field at Memorial Stadium against Northwestern. So for now, enjoy all the other college football action. Here is your schedule for this morning's televised games (all times Pacific):

Saturday, August 31st
Buffalo at Ohio State 9:00 a.m. ESPN2: 209 (HD)
Purdue at Cincinnati 9:00 a.m. ESPNU: 208 (HD)
Southern Illinois at Illinois 9:00 a.m. BTN: 610-? (HD)
UMass at Wisconsin 9:00 a.m. BTN: 610 (HD)
Villanova at Boston College 9:00 a.m. ESPN News: 207 (HD)
William & Mary at W. Virginia 9:00 a.m. FS1: 219 (HD)
Toledo at Florida 9:21 a.m. MSG: 634 / ESPN-GP: 788
FIU at Maryland 9:30 a.m. FSN: 635,646,654,659,663,671,676,686,... (HD) / ESPN-GP: 790
LA Tech at NC State 9:30 a.m. ESPN-GP: 789
Rice at Texas A&M 10:00 a.m. ESPN: 206 (HD)

More than a few of us will want to watch Buffalo vs. Ohio State to get a peek at the Buckeyes, whom Cal will play in two weeks. But another game of interest on the schedule is Rice at Texas A&M, where the Aggies will try to gig 'em without the services of reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, who has been suspended for the first half. There is no truth to the rumor that TAMU and the NCAA consulted with Jeff Tedford and Zach Maynard about this punishment. (Hiyo!)

This is your open thread for the morning's games. Enjoy. But pace yourself -- you want some energy left to cheer on the Bears tonight!