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Cal and BYU to have home-and-home series in 2014, 2017

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The two teams will have their first matchup next season, with a return date in 2017.

Before this season's even started, let's take a look at some news for the 2014 campaign, where the Bears just solidified their final out-of-conference matchup.

Cal will have a home and home with BYU, the team announced today. The Cougars, who will come to Berkeley in 2014, join Northwestern (at Northwestern) and Sacramento State as the team's out-of-conference opponents next season. It's not the most attractive slate, but Coach Dykes did say when he came on that he believed in scheduling winnable games, and not marquee matchups - the Pac-12 is difficult enough as it is.

Interesting note: The game will take place Thanksgiving weekend, November 29th, in Berkeley, so it will be our final regular season game. Cal did not have much success attracting fans to their last Thanksgiving home game. Add that to the potential neutral site Big Game in Levi's Stadium the week before and it'll be a bit of a change from the usual schedule.

After that, the next matchup between these two teams will happen in 2017, and take place in Provo on September 16th.

[Fun fact: You may remember the last matchup between Cal and BYU. It was the 2005 Las Vegas Bowl, which Cal won 35-28.]