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More stadium switchero: Raiders at Memorial?

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The Black Hole may be invading Memorial Stadium.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With the Raiders' lease of the Coliseum ending this year, they're looking for a stadium to call home. As the beautiful city of Berkeley and a newly-renovated Memorial Stadium is right next door, could they be looking to use our space? An interview with owner Mark Davis suggests this is an option they're considering.

-Q: Could you go somewhere else in the East Bay temporarily? Maybe Cal?

-DAVIS: Sure. I mean, if they'd want us. We've done it before. There's some... things about Berkeley that wouldn't be optimal-the parking and all of that stuff is always tough.

But at the same time, it's if (there's a need to play elsewhere for a while) for a new stadium... and we like Berkeley. I think what they've done with the new stadium is great.

-Q: Wouldn't the city of Berkeley have to be involved?

-DAVIS: I'm not sure.

How would you feel about the Raiders using Memorial Stadium as their home field? Are you a Raiders fan or do you back another NFL team? Or are you indifferent as long as it doesn't affect the Golden Bears?