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Golden Nuggets: Backlash from the proposed Big Game move

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Some Cal alums--including former football players--are speaking out against the neutral-site game.


Following the rumors of a possible relocation of the 2014 Big Game, some notable Cal fans have begun to fight back.

"Pretty soon the value of tradition is lost and gone," said former Cal quarterback and coach Joe Kapp. "The changes more and more recognize the money. There won't be traditions anymore if money rules."
For many Cal fans, this is the latest indication that Cal's athletic administration cares only about the bottom line. Old Blues were upset with the handling of possible sport cuts two years ago and dislike late football start times dictated by TV.

"Right now, some Cal people, especially myself, we feel a disconnect with this Cal athletic administration," said Don Miller, a 1976 Cal grad who played football and rugsby for the Bears and is vice-president for Evergood Fine Foods, a San Francisco-based sausage company.

However, sportswriter Kyle Bonagura is saying it may be too late.


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