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Multiple sources confirm 2014 Big Game to be played at Levi's Stadium

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Kyle Bonagura reports what most Cal fans have been fearing.

The Big Game might not be back for a while now...
The Big Game might not be back for a while now...
Nam Le

When news broke earlier this week that the 2014 Big Game might be moved, half of you were displeased or irate.

Well, half of you can start sharpening those pitchforks. They might not do any good now that the decision has reportedly been made, but you might still want to use them, right?

Thoughts? Reactions? Have they changed at all knowing that this report is now confirmed, or will the Big Game always be big to you, regardless of location?

And if you are upset...hey, football is just a few days away. Seven at the time of this posting, in fact.

[I want you to know that I fought very hard to resist opening or using a Bad News Bears pun during the making of this post.]