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Big Game 2014: Cal vs. Stanfurd at Levi's Stadium? 49ers make an offer

The Bears would then return to Berkeley for the 2015 Big Game.


The first thought I had when the San Francisco 49ers announced plans for a new stadium, "We're going to be playing here soon. It's too attractive a site to pass up, and Cal will need financial help to get in there."

Well, that day has come pretty quickly. But I sure wasn't expecting it to be THAT game to be the one selected for the spot.

This will be a controversial move. There aren't many teams that play their rivalry games at a neutral site. The only ones that come to mind are the Red River Rivalry, the Army-Navy game, and the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail PartyFlorida-Georgia, but that's an every year occurrence. And it would be another disruption in a rivalry that has seen plenty of it in recent years.

It will be a bit uncomfortable that this will be the second straight time a Big Game in Berkeley has been displaced (2012 by timing, 2014 by location) while our bretheren at the Farm can square dance and get ready for the usual Saturday before Thanksgiving game. On the other hand, road Big Games are pretty much like neutral sites to begin with; not once have we played a Big Game in Palo Alto and had it not feel like a displaced bowl game. I imagine a Big Game in Santa Clara would be similar.

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