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CGB Mailbag: Which Cal Football Game Are You Most Anticipating?

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Which game do you want to see the Bear Raid in action the most?

Jamie Sabau

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Someone already emailed me this:

I'm really pumped for the upcoming season and can't wait to buy my tickets for the highly anticipated matchup with Portland State! What game are you most looking forward to this season?

BearsAndBalls, Clovis, CA

I do agree with the love for the Portland State game. There's a half-decent chance it's the only game on the schedule that we might be favored for!

Here are my six candidates for the most anticipated game of 2013.


Ohio State: In terms of environment, it's highly unlikely that anything will beat this matchup. While the result could be lopsided, it's still worth remembering that last year's dysfunctional group took the undefeated Buckeyes to the limit. So there's always the possibility of upset, although it's probably a bit more remote this year than it was last year.

at Washington: Let's see what happens when the Fighting Sarks meet a competent coaching staff. Add in a new Husky Stadium and Washington's traditional struggles with the spread and you have to think that Cal might finally just manage to push over the edge this season.

Arizona: Pour on the points and may the team that scores the last win!

USC: Who knows, the Trojans might be undefeated and on their way to a National Championship berth. But USC could also be a stumbling, bumbling mess with a lame duck coach. And Cal hasn't beaten USC in ten years. I'm circling this game early for retribution, and there's plenty to go around.

at Stanfurd: Big Game is Big Game and will always be Big Game. Also would be nice to not lose four in a row to the Trees. We haven't had that Axe in awhile and it'd be nice to derail whatever disgusting success Stanfurd decides to produce this season.

What game are you most looking forward to this season? Vote in the poll and discuss in the comments! Don't forget to submit questions to the mailbag!