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Cal Football Fall Camp 2013: Practice Report #16

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In which we cover a relatively uneventful Northwestern preparation session.


Don't expect to learn too much the next couple of days. I'll be out there still, watching for what I can, but the majority of the news is out of the way at this point, and I'm limited - rightfully so - in what else I can reveal is happening.

[Again, my deepest apologies. These last few reports aren't going to be too exciting.]

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Injury updates:

  • Geoffrey Gibson is going to be held out for a couple of days, although Coach Dykes wasn't specific as to the nature of his injury.
  • No change on Brennan Scarlett, although he was the only red jersey on the field. [I could be wrong, but that should mean J.D. Hinnant is cleared to participate. I'll look tomorrow.]
  • Jason Gibson, Adrian Lee, and Jacobi Hunter all returned to practice on Wednesday.
  • Khairi Fortt opened the day with the 1st string, and at this point, looks about full speed. Against the scout team offense, he felt well enough to drop back in coverage, leap up, and snag a one handed interception, so if his knee is still giving him any problems, he's doing a damn good job of compensating.
  • Nick Forbes was not dressed, and worked primarily in the Pit. Coach Dykes said he is going to be an "every other day" guy, meaning that he likely won't practice as much ahead of Northwestern.
  • Freddie Tagaloa was held out to give him some rest. He was seen on the sidelines massaging his ankle. Brian Farley went with the 1s in his place.
  • Bill Tyndall saw a good amount of action with the second string, working at right guard.
  • You want another Avery Sebastian health update? You got one! Directly from Coach Dykes: "I would say, based on - if I had to guess today - probably [Drew would start], but I think - and this is a lot of supposition on my part - I think Avery will be dressed and be available." The Georgia safety spent most of his time at Wednesday's practice doing various agility and change of direction drills.

Some observations and Highlights:

  • A seven - that's right, seven - offensive linemen set was premiered in practice. The staff has played around with various looks, and will continue to do so. Eight or nine offensive linemen sets were teased as well - part of Coach Dykes' philosophy of finding advantages and putting guys in position to excel.
  • Isaac Lapite was a nuisance all practice long, breaking up - by my count - at least four passes on the day, although his best work came against the scout team offense, led by Austin Hinder. He also gave up a long touchdown in coverage to Khalfani Muhammad, who is moving better and better as camp progresses. [For those wondering, Goff threw that touchdown.]
  • Joel Willis joined Khairi Fortt in the interception club with one of his own. He saw a few snaps with the twos and picked off Austin Hinder in a scout offense drill over on the right side of the field. We'll be talking to him later today, and asking for his thoughts on yet another position change. Expect that to run sometime next week [Hey, Twist makes the schedule, not me!].
  • Once again, Zach Kline did not appear to be having a good day. He had several passes into coverage broken up, at least one throw that would have seriously harmed his receiver, one pass batted down at the line, and one would-have-been safety in a real game situation. Marcus Manley broke through the line and would have easily sacked him.
  • Viliami Moala is beginning to show glimpses of the player Cal fans thought he could be when he was recruited out of Sacramento, and based on the playing time he's been receiving, it looks like he will be the starter alongside Deandre Coleman later this month.
  • Toward the end of practice, Noah Beito was good from 45 yards and the left hash, while Vince D'amato hit from 40 and the right hash.