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Back in Berkeley, Part II

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In which we have the greatest GIF ever.

Cal Athletics

9 days.

We're no longer even in double digit days to go before the season, and the countdown is pretty much unbearable at this point. I know. The tweets are becoming sparse, practice reports no longer sate the urge for information, and your ears ache for the sound of cannons.

Short of being able to craft a time-traveling Delorean big enough to house all of CGB's visitors, there's not much I can do about the wait.

But, maybe Cal Athletics can help, with the second episode of Back in Berkeley (Part I here). Watch some extra clips from Saturday's scrimmage, see what happens in rehab/treatment, AND THE TEAM'S BOWLING TRIP. [There's also footage of that one play I talked about, where Ragin threw Coprich to the floor. That's your incentive to watch.]

I'll leave you to figure out how you'll spend the days before August I'll be staring at the gifs below.

The greatest gif evar