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Golden Nuggets: Dykes's defensive stance as an offensive guru

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Another interview with Sonny Dykes and preseason rankings galore.

Sonny Dykes spoke with Jeremy Fowler about a few topics in the build to the 2013 season, including the brutal schedule.

A coach might not like that schedule if he didn't like his team. But Dykes believes the Bears, despite last year's 3-9 finish, have a chance to be pretty good.

"It's an opportunity for us to get on the map a little bit," Dykes said. "You'd like to be able to build some confidence early, especially with a young football team."

He also talks about "the University of Cal" (sigh...) and his coaching philosophy as an offensive mastermind:

I'm a defensive guy as much as I'm an offensive guy. I don't know as much about defense, but I'm rooting for those guys just as much. It's a dynamic that's often overlooked. If the president spent all his time at the department of education and not the departament of defense, you'd wonder, 'What's going on here? Is the defense less important?"

One of the potential sources of the Tedford downfall was when he switched over from the offense to the CEO role. Dykes might have the better strategy, which is to let the defensive guys know you're in full support of them and always open to talk to them, but that won't manifest in the form of Xs and Os because that's just not his forte.


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