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Golden Nuggets: What is on your Cal athletics bucket list?

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What are the must-sees and must-dos in Berkeley on gameday?

ESPN is taking a look at what's on the bucket list for any college sports fan for Olympic sports, basketball, and football. Checking out a game from Tightwad Hill made the list.

With a view of the San Francisco Bay as the backdrop, fans have been hiking to the top of Tightwad Hill for years to take in a Cal game for free. Located at the Northeast corner of Memorial Stadium, the right seat gets you a complete view of the stadium and the action. But be sure to get there early. It's not uncommon for seats to be set in place by sun up. Earplugs are not a bad idea, either, since the Victory Cannon has been mounted on Tightwad Hill since 1973. Since 1964 it's gone off every time Cal has scored. Except against Pacific in 1991. The Bears scored 12 TDs and it ran out of ammo.

Cal fans, you're the experts--what is on your bucket list for visiting a Cal game?

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