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Golden Recruiting Wire: Blue Chip Linebacker Target

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One of the nation's top LB recruits has Cal in his top 5.


That sentence is enough to make any Cal football fan salivate in August.

Moving on from all Pavlovian references, Cal has actually been reported to be firmly in the top 5 for Lawrence Central High School (Indianapolis) Linebacker, Brandon Lee.

Although Lee is a bit undersized when compared to your average blue chip linebacker recruit--he's 6'2 and weighs only about 210--what he lacks in size he makes up for in all other fields.

Looking at the film, it's easy to see that Lee is an extremely gifted athlete. Great speed, great agility, and a strong run-to-ball instinct. Overall athleticism looks great, just look at that initial interception return.

On ESPN, Brandon is ranked as the overall 242nd player out of 300. He is listed as a 4 star recruit, with around 17 different offers. Most of these offers are coming from east coast schools in the B12, ACC, and Big East, but he does have an offer from Oregon, as well as us. We went after him early, offering him in early April. Oregon was quick to follow suit and offered him almost a month later.

In the video below, posted roughly a month ago, Brandon expresses some verbal interest into coming out West and visiting both Cal and Oregon

Additionally, looks like Andy Buh is personally going after Lee, which for all intents and purposes makes a lot of sense.Upon initially checking out some of this data, I suspected that Buh might have had some previous connection to Lee prior to him getting the DC job at Cal. It does seem a bit random that a Indy Linebacker recruit would be high on Cal, especially after our season last year. However, it looks like I was right, but I'm not sure to what extent since this news is behind this rival's paywall.

Regardless, it is clear that the young man is interested in the program. Just a few days ago, Lee cut his list down to 5 top schools.

That indeed is very good news for Bears fans. Forbes and Fortt, both who are looking to have big seasons this year, could also be heading into their final seasons at Cal depending on how much NFL interest each of them garner. The young talent that we already have in line to replace these guys (such as Michael Barton and company) certainly is good, but it could always use some more bolstering.

Hopefully, Buh's connection with Lee is as strong as we all hope it is. If Lee were to commit sometime sooner rather than later, he could give this year's class some strong momentum heading into the Fall and Spring. I'd expect Lee to set an official visit for both us and Oregon sometime during the Fall, so that he can actually attend a game (granted his own football schedule permits it).

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, looks like Lee can get it done in the classroom.