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Predict Entire, the 54-game Pac-12 Conference Schedule

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Today's assignment is for you to predict the winner of each game of the Pac-12's conference schedule. Check back next week for the results!

Steve Dykes

Last week we asked you to declare Cal's chances of winning each game (if you have not yet filled out your predictions, go here). This week we expand our horizons by looking at the entire Pac-12 conference schedule. Instead of asking how likely each team is to win, we simply want to know which team you predict will win. Short, simple, and to the point; not even an Oregon fan would be confused by this exercise!

Below is our form with each of this season's 54 Pac-12 conference games. Pick the winner of each game. If you have trouble finding the "submit" button, you may have to scroll down on the form. Alternately, you can fill out the form here. The deadline is 11:59pm PDT Friday.

Next week we will have the results of both this and our Cal season predictions. If you are a fan of predictions, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store next week.