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Cal Athletics Calendar and CGB Weekly Guide - Week Of 8.18.13

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All the Cal sports news that's fit to not print . . . this week!

Ezra Shaw

So, you may or may not have noticed that Twist hasn't put up a CGB weekly schedule since, like, March or something. So lazy, you might be thinking! Well, Twist may or may not be lazy, but he has an excuse: Since the end of basketball season, there's not a ton of action in the world of Cal athletics. Sure, we do our best to keep everybody up to date on the various non-revenue action, but when the big time sports are off, you don't need these types of posts to keep track of everything.

Well, we're back baby! As far as I'm concerned, the off-season is over! Did you know that there will be a college football game on your TV in just 11 days? OK, so Sacramento St. vs. San Jose St. may not get your heart all a-flutter, but it still counts.

Now that the off-season is over, we're kicking our coverage into overtime! And by that, I mean that Nam will be working overtime! I won't really be doing anything this week other than asinine jokes, but he's very excited about getting his hourly salary multiplied by time and a half.


Friday, August 23rd: Cal women's soccer at UC Irvine, 7:00 pm PT.

OK, so it's not much. One soccer game, and you have to wait til Friday, and it's not on the Pac-12 Network (which you probably don't get, because come on Larry Scott make it happen for god's sake!) so you can't watch it unless you're in Irvine. But can beggars really be choosers?! CAL SPORTS ARE BACK!



Early Morning - Fall Practice #13 Recap

Mid Morning - Berkelium wants YOUR picks for the entire Pac-12 schedule? Personally, I just wanted to skip ahead to deciding if Cal or Colorado will win the conference title game, but he's a stickler for those details.

Late Morning - Quarterback roundtable: The entire CGB crew breaks down the decision to hand the reins of the Bear Raid to Jared Goff

Afternoon - Practice #14 Open thread


Early Morning - Practice #14 Recap

Mid Morning - Vlad brings us a little Cal history, looking back at the last time a true freshman started a game at quarterback for the Bears.

Late Morning - Nam brings us another great interview from fall practice!

Afternoon - Golden Nuggets - All Cal news, all the time.

Afternoon - Practice #15 Open Thread


Early Morning - Practice #15 Recap

Mid Morning - Nam brings us another great interview from fall practice!

Late Morning - Leland has a recap of another Sonny Dykes appearance on KNBR.

Afternoon - Practice #16 Open Thread


Early Morning - Practice #16 Recap

Mid Morning - Part 4 of Leland's in-depth survey of Pac-12 coaching salaries

Late Morning - LEastCoastBears has a preview of this fall's non-revenue sports action!

Afternoon - Golden Nuggets - All Cal news, all the time.

Afternoon - Practice #17 Open Thread


Early Morning - Practice #17 Recap

Mid Morning- JahvidKnowsBest has the latest recruiting news for your consumption!

Late Morning - Introducing the 2013 CGB Hall Of Fame Inductees!