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Golden Recruiting Wire: Joe Mixon, Adarius Pickett, Brandon Lee Updates

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A few top targets revealed when they'll be visiting campus recently.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Adarius Pickett, highly sought after CB from El Cerrito, actually made a visit to Berkeley earlier this week. Pickett apparently stopped by for a practice and has now made plans for an official visit later this Fall.

There's no denying it; this is promising. Pickett is looking to slim his list down to probably around anywhere from 3-5 schools in the coming days/weeks. I would be very surprised if we found ourselves on the outside looking in. Pickett would provide real playmaker ability in the secondary, and would help solidify a secondary which I believe is only going to get better with the likes of Cam Walker.

As some of you may have read in our previous post, Joe Mixon, one of the top running back in the nation, and undoubtedly one of the country's premier talents, has placed Cal in his top 10. The local product noted Cal, as well as Florida, as both "having the inside track" in his recruitment. Can't help but love every bit of that. Unfortunately, no commitment will be coming in the near future from Mixon, so we'll all just have to patiently wait until after football season. However, I will say, it's hard to imagine more encouraging news coming out about this situation. I don't even have to say how big of a game-changing, potentially program-changing recruit Mixon could be. I personally believe that Mixon is the best back in the West, and could even be in the discussion for the best back in the country if he has a great senior season. Reminds me a lot of Alabama running back T.J Yeldon, who is also my prediction for winning the Heisman this year.

Devante Downs Athlete, OLB, WA. Committed just yesterday! Wow, what a big time pickup. An ESPN top 300 recruit, legit 4 star, who could play on either side of the ball in college.

First thing that pops out to me about this kid is his stellar combination of size and speed. Roughly 6'2, 225, Downs possess enough speed to clearly play running back at the next level. Although I think he could be a threat on the offensive side of the ball, I would really like to see him as an OLB. The PAC-12 is the fastest conference in the country and is only getting faster. If you have slow OLBs, you're going to get absolutely torched. Speed at the OLB position is what primarily allows you to hang with the Oregon's and the Arizona's; teams that really like to stretch you out horizontally from sideline to sideline. Let this guy use his athleticism and cover the wide side of the field. Just my two cents. Overall, extremely excited about this recruit. What a great pickup for August.

Another player I'm excited about is Brandon Lee. If any of you readers remember, I did a whole post on this guy a few weeks ago. He's a bluechip, legitimate 4 star LB from Indianapolis. Lee has long-term ties with DC Andy Buh. Just recently, we got confirmation that Lee would be having his official visit later this month, at the home opener against Northwestern.

I really like Dykes/Buh's decision to have Lee come out for this game in particular. This is a power/swagger move, whatever you'd like to call it. It demonstrates that our coaching staff not only has a lot of confidence going into this game, but they have enough confidence that they are willing to potentially gamble with a promising recruit's commitment. If Lee comes out for a lesser game, let's say, Washington State (who could be very good this year and could easily surprise us), and we win, that doesn't say a whole lot to him. If we beat--and beat handily--a school that is in his top 5, well that works to move us up, while also moving them down. It also works vice versa; losing this game would not only put the season off to a bad start, but would also potentially damage our chances at landing Lee.

3 Star DB, Armand Perry, from Bishop Gorman in LV, Nevada, says he will likely choose between Cal and ASU in the coming days. Perry is not a high profile recruit like Pickett is, but does possess big upside (in my opinion).

Perry has big time athleticism; you can never have enough of these guys on a roster. He's also from a true powerhouse program in Bishop Gorman, so we know that he's consistently taking on some of the best receiver talent the nation has to offer.

He was also recently on campus for an unofficial.

3 star JUCO defensive lineman Victor Vernon also just recently visited Cal. Not a lot of info out on this guy as of now. Couldn't find any highlights. But judging from his offer list he probably is pretty good. Texas, Miami, Kansas, Oregon State, are just a few schools who have already offered him.

Washington (Camas) native Drew Clarkson, Center, is also set to visit Cal.

Slightly under the radar, but the fact that most of the Pacific North Western schools (minus Oregon) have offered is revealing of his ability.