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Golden Nuggets: Avery Sebastian released from hospital

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After a scary injury that ended Monday's scrimmage, Cal Athletics has announced Sebastian has been released from the hospital.

Although football is inherently violent with injuries being inevitable, it's always scary when an injury happens on the gridiron. After an injury from delivering a crushing tackle left Avery Sebastian motionless on the field, the safety was brought by ambulance to an Oakland hospital. The good great news is that he has motion in all of his extremities.

Cal football player Avery Sebastian, taken by ambulance to a local hospital after being injured during a Monday scrimmage, had movement in all of his extremities and was expected to be released, according to an athletic department statement.

"I want to thank everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers," Sebastian said in the statement.


Players still milling outside the stadium a few minutes afterward appeared emotional.

Said Cal coach Sonny Dykes, "I think anytime they have to drive an ambulance on your field, guys get concerned."

Sebastian was released from the hospital this morning.

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