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Cal to be on Pac-12 Network's "The Drive" this fall

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Think of it as a Hard Knocks type show, with your favorite college team at the center.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

While it's secondary to actually winning games, Sonny Dykes has shown this offseason that another focus of his will be publicizing, generating and maintaining awareness about Cal. Indeed, it seems like every other week, Dykes or some player or another is talking to the media, and unlike his reclusive predecessor, Sonny seems to enjoy that part of his job wholeheartedly.

The latest in these publicity and rebranding efforts, though, is something new altogether, as the Cal Bears and the Arizona State Sun Devils will both be featured on Pac-12 Network's "The Drive" later this fall.

What is "The Drive"? I'm glad you asked!

Following two teams this season – Cal and Arizona State – the documentary-style show will tell compelling stories not seen in traditional network programming. “The Drive” is not intended to break news, but allow fans to get closer to the coaches, student-athletes and support staff and gain an understanding of the highs and lows experienced in a football season from a variety of perspectives. Viewers can expect to see footage from practices, team meetings and activities, gamedays and road trips, as well as a glimpse of what life off the field is like for coaches, players and staff.

Sounds like a must watch for anyone with Pac-12 Network [and if you still haven't switched from DirecTV yet...what are you waiting for, exactly?]

You can catch "The Drive" starting Wednesday, September 11th at 7pm PT, and every Wednesday after that at 7 or 9:30 PM Pacific.