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Golden Nuggets: Who's calling the shots for the Bear Raid?

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With an offensive mastermind as head coach and an offensive coordinator, who's leading the Bear Raid?

While the bulk of this article echos sentiments we've been hearing all week, an interesting collection of some of our coach's unique "Sonnyisms" and the nature of his relationship with Offensive Coordinator Tony Franklin, including how the two split playcalling duties.

On offensive coordinator Tony Franklin: "He'll call the plays. I'll do a lot of the situational stuff - 'We've got the ball at midfield. It's third and 7.' I'm going to tell him, 'Hey you've got two downs,' that type of stuff. There are times I'll say, 'Let's run the ball here. Take a shot here.' It's more game management than specific plays. We've been around each other 16 years, which is a big deal."

Does Franklin make the same decisions as Dykes? "If it works, I would have made it."

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