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Cameron Jordan discusses community service as an NFL star

Former Golden Bear Cameron Jordan details how he gives back to the community.

Chris Graythen

Cameron Jordan discusses his community outreach (via Lindsay Brauner)

Thanks to TheScientist019 for transcribing!

Lindsay Brauner (LB): What's it like being in New Orleans? How much community outreach have you done in a place that's still struggling to recover?

Cameron Jordan (CJ): They're seven years out now? Eight years out of Hurricane Katrina? But obviously, there are still lots of parts that are still affected by that. There's such a huge impact on the city, so just being able to go out to the city, talk to different elementary [schools], talk to different kids, do different camps, do different football camps, just be able to interact with the community. It's really been pretty cool just to see my effect on other people.

LB: Where are you about to go this weekend?

CJ: I'm traveling out to Pensacola to talk to some kids. I'm about to do a little youth convention out there. Then I'll be back in LA to start training.

LB: How much do you like working with kids?

CJ: It's honestly what you really live for. It's one thing to play football during the season, but it's another thing to talk to kids offseason and just try and make that impact because every kid has a dream to either play sports or be the next LeBron James, the next Cameron Jordan, the next Kobe Bryantnot that my name will be up there with those guys, but if you want to put it up there, I'll take that. But honestly, whatever they aspire to be, I'd like to help to be a platform to get them there.

LB: What's the most inspirational situation you've ever had with a kid? What's your favorite story about the impact you've had on a kid's life?

CJ: There's definitely been a lot of different stories. I wouldn't name any names because the kids are that great, but I had a special connection with a kid when I first got drafted by the New Orleans Saints; he was a leukemia patient and he really just wanted to play football. We sat down, gave him a jersey, signed it for him, just made it a special interest with him. I like to say he's still alive, still playing video games, still watching cartoons. He's still a cool kid; he hits me up on Facebook every now and then, so we still just chat it up.

[Part one of a three-part interview. Come join us later this week as Cam opens up about the hardship of dating as an NFL player and his future goals.]