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Cal Football Interview: Pierre Ingram, New Running Back Coach

Cal running back coach Pierre Ingram chatted with us after spring practice and gets ready to step into Ron Gould's shoes.

Thanks to Leland Wong for transcribing!

Lindsay Brauner (LB): It's Lindsay Brauner here with Coach Ingram after the first day of spring ball. Coach Ingram, thanks for joining us.

Coach Pierre Ingram (PI): Yeah, definitely. Glad to be here.

LB: How do you think practice went?

PI: It was good--first day with the running backs and the defense, we don't have pads on, so you can't really get a true analysis of what's going on, but the guys were energetic and they had a good time out here practicing.

LB: Were there any guys that stood out to you as particularly well-conditioned or really explosive players?

PI: I think the O-line stood out. They were effective in the run game today and our pass protection. The guys were flying around and they had a bunch of different linebackers and defensive linemen coming at them and they did a good job protecting.

LB: What is your favorite part of Berkeley so far?

PI: Favorite part of Berkeley... Um, I would say Telegraph. There's so much, so many different varieties of food and personalities and entertainment right up and down Telegraph. You see so many different things and I think that makes Berkeley intriguing

LB: Who's the goofiest guy you coach?

PI: [Brendan] Bigelow. Has to be Bigelow. He is a clown; I hope he isn't a class clown, but he's a clown in our meeting room and always keeping it energetic and keeping it fun, so I would probably say Bigelow is the best guy at describing that.

LB: What do you think went best today during the practice?

PI: I think tempo. The guys understand it and have been working on it on their own, so transitioning into the first day of practice, they've been having a good [day].

LB: What's the weirdest question you've ever been asked in an interview?

PI: I mean, like, people get personal and they ask, "are you good at dancing?" and that sort of stuff. There isn't anything that crazy--my life hasn't been that crazy so I don't have a crazy question. "Best impersonation of a coach?" That's one you don't want to do cuz you don't want to get fired!

LB: How about a player?

PI: A player? Uh... Let's see... Zach Kline: "Coach! Wassup? Ah! *slicks back hair*" You know, just kinda California surf. That's so Kline--he comes up with his skateboard and he walks in there all nonchalant. He's one of my favorite guys. I love Kline.

LB: Coach Ingram, thank you so much for joining us.

PI: Glad to be here. Thank you for having me.