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Cal Football: Kenny Lawler & Maurice Harris, Wide Receiver Roommates!

Cal wide receivers Kenny Lawler and Maurice Harris talk about being roommates, spring practice, and vomiting techniques.

Lindsay Brauner interviewing Maurice Harris & Kenny Lawler
Lindsay Brauner interviewing Maurice Harris & Kenny Lawler
Lindsay Brauner

Kenny Lawler and Maurice Harris- Spring Practice (via Lindsay Brauner)

Thanks to TheScientist019 for transcribing.

Lindsay Brauner (LB): What's your favorite thing to do on the field together?

Maurice Harris (MH): Our favorite thing (to do) together is to celebrate after a big play.

Kenny Lawler (KL): Yeah.

LB: What's going on right now? Is someone rolling on the field?

MH: Yeah, if you get in trouble, you have to roll. Two hundred yards of up downs for every line on the field.

LB: What is the deal with rolling?

MH: It makes you dizzy.

KL: It makes you throw up.

LB: Have you guys ever had to roll before?

MH: Yup.

LB: Do you throw up?

MH: Yeah.

Maurice Harris Post-Spring Practice (via Lindsay Brauner)

KL: All the time.

LB: Is there a designated throw-up area?

MH: Like, on the field?

LB: Yeah.

MH: Nope, you just throw up anywhere.

KL: And get to rolling.

LB: You really just throw up on the field and then you continue to roll?

KL: Then throw up again.

LB: Well, maybe they should get a designated trash can for throwing up.

MH: Actually, they do have those, but no one ever makes it there.

KL: You won't make it.

LB: Can I get both of your imitations of throwing up post-rolling?

*Harris and Lawler act it out*

LB: That's pretty good. How do you guys like playing together?

KL: We have a good relationship and we're about to be roommates next year.

Kenny Lawler and Maurice Harris- Spring Practice (via Lindsay Brauner)

MH: It's good to have a good connection and to be good friends. It makes everything easier on the field. You can relate to each other without having to talk to each other. You know what the other's about to do without saying anything.

LB: When you're on the field, how does that translate?

MH: It's good because a lot of times if we're not on the field at the same time and I see he's getting tired, I'll sub him out or vice versa. It works hand-in-hand.

LB: Did you guys mean to match tonight? I mean, you're in blue, you're in gold. Is this a planned coordination?

KL: I just think great minds think alike!

MH: Yeah, yeah. Slap it on and let's go.

LB: Well, if great minds think alike, you should have a ponytail, Kenny.

KL: See, I'm working on it. Do you see this hair? I'll be there in, like, two or three years.

LB: Years... Yeah. All right you guys, thanks!

MH: No problem.