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Cal Football: Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde suspended for the Cal game

The Buckeye's starting running back, Carlos Hyde, has been suspended for the first three games of the 2013 season, which includes the rematch against the Golden Bears

Patrick Smith

Earlier, we reported 970-yard rusher Carlos Hyde was dismissed from Ohio State by Coach Urban Meyer for an incident at a nightclub involving a woman.

While the police have dropped the case against Hyde, Meyer decided the running back's actions and the negative publicity was enough to warrant a suspension for the start of the season.

"Carlos Hyde will be suspended for at least the first three games of the 2013 season for conduct not representative of this football program or this university," Meyer said in a statement released by the school. "He will be required to fulfill additional obligations before he is allowed to play in a game."

Police spokesman Sgt. Rich Weiner said the alleged victim chose not to pursue charges against the Buckeyes' leading scorer and second-leading rusher a year ago.

While star quarterback Braxton Miller is undoubtedly the most powerful toy in Urban Meyer's toybox, this will likely have a detrimental effect on the Buckeyes as the rusher returning with the second-most yardage would be Rod Smith with a mere 215 yards.

Golden Bears, what do you think of the situation? Are you glad to see the Buckeyes weakened, making it easier for a glorious upset in Memorial? Do you want to take down Ohio State at their strongest, so their fans have no excuses? Are you a Buckeye masquerading as a fan of the Golden Bears? Sound off in the comments!