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Cal Football 2013: Who's The Best Offensive Player?

Chris Harper is in the running, but he'll have definite competition in a wide-open race.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Looking at Cal's offense could be a bit of a challenge for 2013. There's a new starting quarterback. There's a new starting running back. There's a new number one wide receiver. Half of the offensive line is getting a makeover.

So trying to identify the best player on the offensive side of the football field isn't going to be all that easy.

It's hard to put any of the quarterbacks on the list because no one has really asserted themselves as a proven commodity. Regardless of their talent, there's a lot each of these players has to do to really assert themselves as the best player on the team. And the same holds true at multiple positions on this squad.

So let's go to a list of four. Ugh. Four?

Brendan Bigelow: Undoubtedly, when healthy, Bigs is the player everyone is looking at as the trend-setter in terms of "Who's best?" Bigelow is a dynamic game-changing player in the mold of Jahvid Best. With one carry he can change the course of a football game, which is something only a handful of other players in the conference (Black Mamba, Marquise de Lee) can really boast about.

But no one knows how healthy Bigelow is, so we'll have to see whether he's capable of performing at a high level.

Bryce Treggs: Treggs is definitely the player everyone is looking at to have a breakout sophomore season. Treggs had a solid start to 2012 and looked like he fit into Marvin Jones's shoes quite adequately, but injury ended his season early. But from what we saw from Treggs (the route running, the blocking, the screen game), he looks ready to make his mark this season.

Chris Harper: Despite Treggs being one of the more heralded recruits of the 2012 recruiting class, it was Harper who stepped up and had the best campaign of the freshman wideout cavalcade. Harper happily lined up anywhere and caught almost any pass directed at him, and even stepped into the number one role near the end of the season when Keenan Allen and Treggs were sidelined by injury.

Harper had his own injury issues this spring, but it figures he'll battle Treggs for top receiver honors this season.

Jordan Rigsbee: Rigsbee was a tough lineman who showed plenty of polish in his first year in a starting role his first season. He's got a mauling ability at guard and could be forced into a leadership role early with these Bears, with potentially all four other positions up for grabs. Rigsbee might have to be a stabilizing force and lead the way for the Cal offense if they're to expect to make leaps this season.

I'm sure I missed other capable players. Who do you see being the best candidate for Cal's best offensive player this season?