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Another Brendan Bigelow Status Update

How healthy is he, exactly?

Jason O. Watson

A few weeks back, I was able to catch up with Bigelow on campus, and check in with him really quickly on his knee - which, judging from his choice of words, I inferred that he was improving, but not quite at full strength just yet.

According to Sonny Dykes' comments yesterday, though, Bigelow could be further along in his recovery than I originally gave him credit for, as both he and Stefan McClure have been declared healthy for fall camp.

Stefan McClure had practiced all spring without issue, so that part is not nearly as revealing; but with the backfield being what it is, confirmation of Bigelow's availability - however limited it may be - can only be seen as a net positive overall. If the Bear Raid is to live up to original expectations, #5 will need to play a significant part overall. Good to hear he's been cleared to go.