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Update: Chris McCain back on the team!

That's right - the 6'6" DE could still be in the mix, according to new comments by Sonny Dykes.

Ezra Shaw

Earlier this summer, CGB reported that Chris McCain had been indefinitely suspended by the team, for academic reasons.

Over the last couple weeks, though, the signs have been trickling out slowly that McCain was working his way back into good graces, with his appearance in a team workout video, and several tweets referencing his hard work in strength and conditioning.

Both of the above are good signs, considering that one of the knocks against McCain has always been his lack of size. [Whether or not he has added enough size is still to be determined.]

Today brought the biggest hint toward a possible return, though, and it came from the Head Bear Raid Commander himself:

Rejoice, cheer, and discuss the potential impact of a returning Chris McCain below.

Update: In an interview with Ted Miller, Dykes said McCain has "worked his way back on our team" after maturing and resolving his academic issues.