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Cal Gets New End Zones!

Suddenly, the Memorial you know and love is different?


If you're just waking up out of an off-season long hibernation now, then I have two things to tell you:

1) welcome back,


2) Cal football now looks very little like the program you remember - in every sense of the word, this 2013 team will bear little resemblance like the one that last took the field against Oregon State.

Some of this difference is due to a new coach and culture - and some of it is part of a much ballyhooed rebranding, which has now apparently trickled down onto the field, as well.

Take a look yourself.

The main change, it appears, is in the font of the "CALIFORNIA" and "GOLDEN BEARS", which are written in the new "universal" typeface that the Bears will use.

Your thoughts on the new end zone layouts? Do you prefer the old ones? Do you care?