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Golden Nuggets: Catching up with former Cal Kicker and Current Green Bay Packer Giorgio Tavecchio

Since joining the Green Bay Packers, Giorgio Tavecchio found himself bonding with Aaron Rodgers over their experiences at Cal. The owner of the biggest contract in NFL history has helped welcome the quiet Italian to Green Bay.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

A while back Giorgio Tavecchio spoke with Giovanni Marino of La Repubblica. As the interview was in Italian, most of us did not have a chance to read it until translated it to English.. The Italian Stallion talks about his new role with the Packers.

Chatting with Aaron Rodgers, the tranquil champion who loves to kid around:

In Green Bay, Tavecchio has found a renowned college compatriot: Aaron Rodgers, just a few days after he became the new record holder of the largest contract in NFL history. Having both played at Cal, although in different years, has triggered an unlikely, but not negligible kinship (Aaron is one of the best quarterbacks ever and above all is the undisputed leader of GB). "Rodgers, in addition to being a champion, but this is known, is really a quiet person like maybe you never thought. Aaron is an absolute star, and yet his actions do not convey any of this. You can feel his leadership in the team, but at the same time, also feel that he exercises that leadership with a human and professional quality, never imposing himself on anyone with arrogance," says Giorgio. "I spoke with him and we speak often about Cal coach Tedford and we both greatly appreciate and cherish fondly the experiences of those college times. Aaron encourages me and this makes me proud. He also loves to joke around, for example the other day he turned me around because I looked all uncoordinated during a stretching exercise. "

From San Francisco to Green Bay:

"Well, I love California, for me I think there is no better place. But Green Bay is not bad. Here the culture is football. They talk about it all the time and for someone who wants to play in the NFL it’s the pinnacle. Green Bay is a small town, almost a suburb, but the people welcome you with affection and the community lives the Packers 24-hours a day, including post-season. I miss the California climate – the cold here is a constant – and my family, but they call me every day to encourage me. "

The lesson of the Forty-Niners:

"From the 49ers I learned so much. I realize that now that I’m back training with an NFL team. There, with the likes of David Akers, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, just to name a few, I figured out how to act like a professional. I know they didn’t keep me, but I would not change anything about my time with the Niners. Many players from SF, when they heard of my signing with the Packers, contacted me to offer their congratulations.

Viva Italia!