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Cal Football Interview: Tanning with Daniel Lasco!

Lindsay Brauner gets the scoop on running back Daniel Lasco's killer tan and how the team is adjusting to the new offense and the breakneck speed.

Our thanks to Leland Wong for transcribing this interview!

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner with Daniel Lasco. Daniel, how come you're so sweaty when you're injured?

Daniel Lasco (DL): Standing out here in the hot sun and California weather trying to get my tan on or whatever, just hanging out.

LB: Were you participating in any of the drills?

DL: Drills early on--yes. I get all of the individual work done and then once the defense is out there, I can't do any contact, so I just sit out there and support the team.

LB: How are you liking Coach Ingram's style with the players?

DL: It's the polar opposite of Coach [Gould]. He's kind of more laidback and things like that; when we're out here, he kind of lets us do our own thing and if we're wrong, then we'll correct it in meetings. It's very nice to have someone [such that] you can just do whatever you want to; even if you're wrong, he's not really gonna yell at you too much on the field, but behind closed doors is when he'll get on your butt.

LB: How's your shoulder feeling now? Are you ready to get back in there or do you need a little more time?

DL: No, I'm ready. They're holding me out because we only have a week left of spring ball, so I just sit this week out and keep supporting the team--moral support, be there on the sidelines, coaching people up, and things like that. When fall camp comes around, I'll be back out here.

LB: Which of the guys at your position do you think is adjusting the best to the new offensive scheme?

DL: Jeff [Coprich], Lil Jeff, he's out there, especially today, showing off his skills. He's low down to the ground, so he's able to maneuver and cut well. Him and Jonah [Hodges] are both on the shorter side, so they're able to make those moves pretty fast and quick. Watching today, everyone went out there and improved, especially only having two [running] backs, not including Lucas [Gingold], who's more of our power back. Those two are both looking great.

LB: Do you think the new offense is better suited to the skillsets of the players on the roster right now?

Absolutely. We have so much depth in all positions, so we're gonna be out there rolling in people left and right. Whenever we hit a bit play, expect some more people to go out there and be able to do the exact same stuff. It's not one of those things where there's a complete starter right now and everybody is grinding for that starting spot.

LB: How confident are you in your ability to bounce back once the season begins?

DL: I think it's gonna be nice once summer hits and everyone comes back from their injuries. We can already see the talent already here, so at the RB level, it doesn't matter who's out there--we're all gonna be doing our thing. Right now, I just take it day-by-day and once I get back, then there will be a whole new game for me.

LB: This is an offense that's heavily reliant on conditioning. How confident are you in your ability to get conditioned?

DL: It's gonna be a thing that's tough. Out there right now, running around like three or four plays, I'll be gassed and huffing and puffing. I think it's gonna be one of those things in the summertime [having] everybody out here just running, getting ourselves conditioned, get the O-line conditioned, get the quarterbacks conditioned, all of us need to be able to run however long a drive is gonna be.

LB: Anything else you wanna add, Daniel?

DL: Everyone's just excited for the season with a new coaching staff, new offense, and everybody needs to come out and support us once the fall comes around and be there for the first game against Northwestern. It's gonna be a great season. Go Bears!

LB: Thanks, Daniel, so much.

DL: Thank you, Lindsay.


How many yards will Lasco rush for in the 2013 season?

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    500 - 999: He'll have some issues splitting carries or getting the Bear Raid going.
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