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Pac-12 Media Day Preview: Mock Media Poll

Are you having trouble waiting for December, when the Pac-12 standings will be finalized? Can you not bear to wait until the July 26th reveal of the media poll? You're in luck--we're conducting our own poll which we will release ahead of Pac-12 Media Day!

Who faces off in this year's Pac-12 Championship Game?
Who faces off in this year's Pac-12 Championship Game?
Jonathan Ferrey

Pac-12 Media Day is almost upon us. The day usually begins with the reveal of the media poll. Before we find out the official results, we have decided to conduct a mock media poll. Your task is simple: tell us where each team will finish in its respective division standings. How will the stacked Pac-12 North sort itself out? Who wins the Pac-12 South? Can Lane Kiffin finally do something with all that talent at USC? Can one of the Arizonas keep UCLA from stumbling into its third consecutive Pac-12 Championship game? Sure, we'll have to wait more than four months to get the official answers, but I'm too impatient for that. So fill out those ballots and let us know what will happen in the Pac-12 this year!

Scroll down to find our ballot form. If you have trouble accessing the form below, click here for a direct link to the ballot.