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Cal Football: Brendan Bigelow Update, Both Hair & Injury

How's Cal's most explosive offensive weapon looking? Different.

Brendan Bigelow vs. Ohio State
Brendan Bigelow vs. Ohio State
Cal Bears Online

If Cal is expected to start soaring immediately offensively, they need Brendan Bigelow. The Bears have young talent at quarterback and young talent at wide receiver and intriguing talent along the line, but the running back situation is really uncertain. Bigelow is the premium talent. The dropoff from him to everyone else is pretty apparent.

Bigelow has been recovering from knee surgery since the end of last season, and has yet to take the field since Sonny Dykes took over. So other than finding out who the starting quarterback is, the biggest topic of concern is whether Bigelow can take the field and be 100% ready to go in 2013.

Nam Le managed to catch up with him and pick up some interesting news.

So he's getting toward a place where he's 100%, but it seems like Bigelow still isn't taking the field quite yet. With fall camp a month away, we can only hope there's enough days left for him to round into form.

Oh, aaaaand....

Well, huh. Hope it fits in the helmet!

UPDATE: Thanks to JustBear, we have photographic evidence of the gold mohawk via Bryce Treggs's Instagram. Yeah it should fit in the helmet.