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Cal Football: Coach Rob Likens Talks Wide Recievers & Berkeley Restaurants

New California Golden Bears wide receivers coach Rob Likens talks about adjusting to Berkeley living and singles out his wide receiving corps.

Cal wide receivers coach Rob Likens with Lindsay Brauner
Cal wide receivers coach Rob Likens with Lindsay Brauner
Lindsay Brauner

Coach Rob Likens - Berkeley, Talented Players, and Restaurants! (via Lindsay Brauner)

Thanks to TheScientist019 for transcribing!

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hi, it's Lindsay Brauner with Coach Likens. Thank you so much for joining us.

Coach Rob Likens (RL): Thank you for having me.

LB: How was practice tonight?

RL: Practice was good for us at the outside receiver position. We made some plays downfield that we haven't been making in practice, so we improved in that area.

LB: Are there any guys who are standing out to you after six practices?

RL: Yes. Kenny Lawler had a really good night tonight and he's made it a point to get better after every practice, so I'm very proud of him. Bryce Treggs just continues to impress me; the way he comes out here and practices, his attitude to get better, and his passion to practice and get better every day is very impressive.

LB: What's been the biggest issue for you transitioning from Louisiana?

RL: Football-wise? Just getting the guys to understand how fast we want to play. If you've never played in this offense, it takes time because there's a lot of things that go into playing with tempo, especially substituting. And the kids got to get used to looking and seeing the guy in front of him [on the depth chart] and seeing when they're getting tired, when to get out on the field, when they can go out on the field, where to position themselves on the sideline to run out to be the most efficient to take as [little] time as possible to get out to their spot. So all that stuff's gonna take some time.

(TS019 note: That was a pain just to transcribe, so I can't even imagine having to go out and do it.)

LB: How are the guys looking running their routes?

RL: Pretty good. They had a good coach here last year (Coach Wes Chandler) who did a good job and you can tell. Like, Bryce Treggs's dad is a coach who's coached him his whole life, so you can tell he's been well-coached. The thing that they have done is they've bought into everything we've asked them to do. Nobody's resisting any ideas that I have. They come out here and try to do them every single day, so that's great.

LB: What's your favorite thing about Berkeley?

RL: Wow. My favorite thing about Berkeley--all the places to eat.

Rob Likens and Zach Yenser: The Cal Football Best Friend Coaching Duo (via Lindsay Brauner)

LB: Amazing.

RL: Absolutely. We came from a small town in Ruston; it was great food, great people, but there weren't very many places. There wasn't much variety. Now you can, heck, walk down Telegraph, there's so many places to eat.

LB: Where's your favorite one?

RL: Oh, wow...

LB: Tough.

RL: Yeah, that is tough. Um, lemme see... I know it's kind of not a unique place, but Chipotle is really good, I love it.

(TS019 note: What a lame answer!)

*off-camera scoff*

LB: Come on! Let's get a little more unique!

RL: I know, I know... I need to do that, but it's just hard to pass up that burrito bowl.

RL: I'll tell you, my favorite place to eat, honestly, is the food that is cooked and catered here at the university. They do a phenomenal job.

LB: Is someone paying you to--

RL: No! Nobody's paying me. No, it's unbelieveable, they do a great job.

LB: All right. Well, Coach Likens, thank you so much.

RL: Thank you.

LB: We'll see you soon.