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Cal Basketball: Bear In The Haas! Pete Newell Court Gets Remodeled

What do you think of the new Haas Pavilion?

Cal Men's Basketball

There is a bear loose on the court. Will someone move that bear?

Oh wait, it's still there. How about that. (HT Kodiak)

Other than the bear that's set loose at mid-court, nothing much has changed in the new design. Honestly, the court was the last thing I complained about at a Cal basketball game. Concessions, seating, a painful building setup that allowed road fans to be louder than home fans (and worst of all the Stanfurd band on their occasional trips), a lack of a real-life bear patrolling the corridors that could devour those obnoxious fans. But hey, the court looks nice.

Brand redesign continues to be a constant theme all around Cal Athletics. The new football uniforms debuted to much fanfare. The new basketball jerseys received a little bit less attention but were eagerly received. We have that new bear logo, which is a monument to their sleek jaw-line and urgent roaring desire to be seated for dinner before everyone else.

Here are my thoughts on this new design.

(via djcommunist)

What are your thoughts?