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Golden Nuggets: Kate Scott--A Sports Broadcasting Pioneer

From her days as the first female yell leader at Cal football games to her current gig as KNBR's morning sports anchor, Kate Scott has been a pioneer and inspiration to underrepresented groups in the sports community.

Ezra Shaw

The early Tedford years were great times to be a Cal football fan: Aaron Rodgers under center, Marshawn Lynch running wild, and Kate Scott leading cheers as the school's first female mic man/yell leader. Since then Kate has continued to be a pioneer.

Scott was something of a pioneer even during her days at UC Berkeley, where she became the first full-time female "mike man" yell leader during Cal football and basketball games. Like with her radio work, Scott did not set out to break barriers or stereotypes. It was just something fun to do that she was good at.

Still, she knew that her mike-man job was special when Cal alums would repeatedly praise her as a good representative for young girls and lament that those opportunities were not available when they were in school.

"It wasn't why I wanted to do it," Scott says, "but the fact that it was having an impact on people was pretty cool."

Despite being a rare female in the boys' club that is sports radio - and much of sports journalism - Scott holds her own. "A lot of guys think that they know more about sports than women do," says Lee Hammer, KNBR's program director and sports operations manager. "She doesn't back down. She knows what she's talking about. She keeps guys in their place with the way she handles herself on the air."

Nor does she back down to those who object to her sexual orientation. With the proliferation of social media, it is easy for people to say things anonymously.

She prefers to think of the person who told her that he does not know any gay people but listening to her has helped him broaden his horizons. She remembers someone else who decided to come out to his family after listening to her on the radio. Girls walk up to Scott and tell her that she is their inspiration.