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Cal Men's Basketball Legend Jason Kidd Retires From The NBA!

What a great career this Golden Bear had in the pros!

Mike Ehrmann

All good things must end. Jason Kidd's NBA career is over. After 19 years, well, I'll let ESPN say it:

Jason Kidd is retiring after 19 seasons as one of the best passing and rebounding point guards in NBA history.

The thought of retirement first began to creep into the New York Knicks point guard's mind around the All-Star break. But he didn't think seriously about it until recently. Over the weekend at a wedding in Georgia he made the decision.

"I think it is the right time," Kidd told "When you think about 19 years, it has been a heckuva ride. Physically, I want to be able to participate in activities with my kids so it has taken a toll. It is time to move on and think about maybe coaching or doing some broadcasting."

SB Nation has more on Kidd's retirement.

Here are some videos:

What are your memories of Jason Kidd at Cal??? Go Bears!